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いまだ、我が国 鎖国中?

LINN Records から最新のニュースレター(メール)が届いたので開いてみると


「This item isn't available in Japan.」


「Why is this?」 とリンクがあるのでこちらを開いてみると

Why isn’t this album available in my country?

The rights to sell, or offer the download of an album are sometimes owned by different record companies or music publishers from one country to another.
An album can also have different versions, or perhaps a varying release date in different parts of the world.

We do our best to get agreement from all the companies involved so anyone can buy an album, regardless of where they live.
Sometimes this can take a little longer for some countries, but rest assured we are working hard at it.

We automatically detect which country you are in by looking at your IP address or if you are logged in, by the address you gave us.
If we have got this wrong, please contact us and we can help you out.


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